Understanding the Importance of Emergency Dentistry

Many people go for several years without ever having to visit a dentist. Even though it is not recommended, a lot of people in the world have gotten away with it until they haven’t. Eventually, there comes a point where you need to see a dentist, usually with an urgent problem.

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any point in life. They develop mostly as a result of neglecting treatment when there was a need. However, in other cases, dental injuries can also be the cause of dental emergencies. Either way, appreciating the place of emergency dental care can only come about when you understand its role in dentistry.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

It is a speciality of dentistry that treats all urgent dental issues. Such dental problems present serious symptoms that cannot be overlooked. Delaying treatment when you have a dental emergency can pose significant and rather permanent damages to your oral cavity. As such, this speciality in dentistry is set aside to address such dental issues with as much urgency as needed.

What Counts As A Dental Emergency?

It is not every time when you have a dental issue that you should rush to a dental ER. Instead, consider the following aspects:

  1. Are you in pain? Is your pain unbearable?
  2. Can you wait for another day or a different time to seek treatment?

If you can properly respond to the above questions, then you may have a clear picture of what state your oral cavity is in. some of the common symptoms for dental emergencies are:

  1. Prolonged bleeding
  2. Significant swelling
  3. Excruciating pain
  4. Affiliate symptoms – like headaches, fever, body chill, to mention a few
  5. Jaw pain
  6. Open wound
  7. Difficulty chewing and/or swallowing

What Makes Emergency Dentistry Important?

This speciality of dentistry is not only useful because it helps take away the worry of what will happen to your oral cavity. Instead, there are some benefits of emergency dental care that make this speciality invaluable in dentistry:

  1. Preventing further spread of infections – one thing you will quickly learn in emergency dentistry near you is that infections do not stay in one place. Over time, infections will spread to other parts of your oral cavity, damaging other tissues that would otherwise remain healthy. You must, therefore, reach out to your emergency dentist for any infections as a way to stop them from spreading.
  2. Curbing progression and advancements – many dental emergencies happen as a consequence of leaving typical dental problems untreated for a while. Ideally, with time, dental issues progress and advance. They, therefore, worsen in symptoms and severity. The role of a dentist in emergency dentistry in Houston, TX, is to ensure that the oral problem you have does not become worse than it already is.
  3. Alleviating and treating pain – emergency dentistry in Houston does not only focus on improving your comfort by alleviating pain. Instead, emergency dentists treat the underlying cause of your pain so that you have a permanent solution. It is why visiting a dental ER near you is much better than relying on over-the-counter pain relievers that only offer temporal pain relief.
  4. Restoring teeth – partially dislodged and knocked-out teeth are common dental issues in emergency dentistry in 77057. While your concern may be to get r of the pain you are experiencing, an emergency dentist can achieve more. If you arrive in a dental ER in good time, an emergency dentist can restore your natural tooth so that you do not need to get artificial teeth as replacements.
  5. Managing dental symptoms – the symptoms typical of dental emergencies are characterized by urgency and severity. One of the invaluable importance of dentists in emergency dentistry in TX is managing such symptoms. Although most of them may directly impact your oral cavity, some dental issues present symptoms that affect other parts of your body.


Unless you have a dental emergency, you may not quite appreciate what emergency dentists do for patients. With zero wait time and speedy treatment, emergency dentistry is exactly what you need when you have an urgent dental problem.