Some children need a little bit of supplemental protection against tooth decay. Applying sealants on the chewing surfaces of teeth has been found to be helpful. The dental sealants we provide in Uptown Houston, TX, nearby the Galleria area, are made of a thin plastic coating, which creates a seal over fissures and pits (your grooves and depressions) on the biting surface of your back teeth.

Tooth decay is brought on by the bacterial breakdown of food into an acid form. The acid dissolves the enamel that covers the tooth. A sealant can act as a barrier against the acids in the vulnerable spots on the chewing surface of the teeth.

The sealant is most effective when it is applied to the tooth soon after the eruption. A kid’s first permanent molars will come through when they are about six years old, and then about twelve years old is when the second, permanent molars show up. To have sealants applied does not require anesthesia. Contact our Uptown Houston dental office near the Galleria to schedule an appointment for this painless preventive dental service.

The teeth that are to be sealed are cleaned first. Each tooth is then dried, and some absorbent material like cotton is placed around the tooth to make sure it stays dry. The chewing surface is then conditioned with an acid solution to make them rough to help the sealant stick to the teeth. Sealant is finally painted onto the teeth and hardened with a curing light. The teeth are then rinsed off and dried.

The dental sealants we provide in Uptown Houston, TX, will typically hold for five years or more and can be replaced easily if they are lost. Our dentist will check them at every dental check-up.

For high-quality dental sealants in Uptown Houston or the Galleria area, give our dental office a call today.