To have a total smile makeover in Uptown Houston, TX, it generally encompasses many cosmetic techniques used by your dentist focusing on improving your smile’s appearance. First, any health issues of your teeth will have to be addressed before getting started on your smile makeover in Uptown Houston, TX. For a dentist who specializes in extreme makeovers, he will listen to what your goals and dreams are for your smile, and the two of you will develop a plan to achieve those goals to reach the attractive smile you desire.

At Pinnacle Dental, we can restore your teeth to their full functionality. It takes real skill to blend repairs into the natural-looking smile to compliment you. Our dentist in Uptown Houston can manage this extreme makeover with natural ease and will consider your face as his artistic process as he shapes your beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has not been recognized as a specialty; you need to understand how important it is to pick the right dentist who has training in the cosmetic dentistry field and the procedures necessary to work on that smile makeover of yours.

Smile makeover ideas are abundant. More than correcting your tooth sizes, the beautiful elements of your smile, and smile line, most makeover dentists will review the below when he is deciding on treatments needed for your makeover.

Missing Teeth: If you have gaps in your teeth, this will distract immediately from the entire look of your smile and is an oral health hazard. It increases the chances of decay for your teeth and allows a space, so the surrounding teeth can shift easily, which will destroy the aligning of your other teeth over time.

Color of Your Tooth: The clarity and color of your teeth will affect the appearance of your smile. Discoloration and stains will be distracting, even if your teeth are aligned correctly. Our dentist near the Galleria will pick out a color shade that best matches your skin tone.

Aligning Your Teeth: If your smile is terribly misaligned, you will need to have your mouth reconstructed or maybe receive some orthodontic treatment. If your teeth are only slightly misaligned or you have some overlapping teeth, they might be improved with some cosmetic dentistry like veneers or clear braces.

The shape of your face: As we age, so do our teeth. Your teeth might fall out, wear down, and your face shape will alter, making you look older.

The shape of your teeth: Our dentist near the Galleria will pay attention to the small details like tooth shape and its size. Your teeth can be shortened and lengthened by using gum reduction or veneers. Tooth shape can be altered by using veneers and bonding.

Here at Pinnacle Dental, we are dedicated to giving you that youthful appearance with a total smile makeover in Uptown Houston, TX.

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