So many come face to face with the effects of everyday aging that includes all the things we hate like creases, folds, hollow areas under the eyes, thin lips, hollowed out cheeks, temples, and wrinkles.

Times have changed for those who dread the fact that they have aged before their time. There are many injectable type treatments available to choose from for anyone that has experienced aging. It is in the form of dermal fillers in Houston, TX that can instantly reverse those signs of aging, that have earned those injectables the fancy nickname of “liquid facelift.”

Utilizing a non-surgical treatment in different ways so you can impart volume and some lift to the targeted areas with the problems like smoothing out lines and wrinkles, correcting the hollow spaces, and plumping out those flat lips. The injectables used today have the power to give you complete facial transformation and giving patients a new fresh but youthful appearance.

Most people want to know what the benefit is of injectables. They are relatively painless and quick and need almost no recovery time. Most patients come in and get a complete treatment on their lunch hour and go back to work. The injectables are not as expensive as cosmetic surgery and not nearly as painful, costly, nor have any downtime or lost time from work.

Here at Pinnacle Dental, we carry the different types of injectable you probably desire. Each injectable will provide those benefits that you may or may not be looking for to meet your goals. The dentists here at Pinnacle can help you tailor you anti-aging treatment specifically for your needs.

Some of the dermal fillers in Houston, TX are an excellent option for treating the hollow area and those wrinkles that come with aging whether we want them to or not.

One of the most popular dermal fillers is ‘based’ on what is called Hyaluronic acid which is a sugar that is found in human skin. When it binds with water molecules, the Hyaluronic acid products will add volume under the area of skin to smooth out those folds, wrinkles, remove scars, and plump up those lips. Using this dermal filler in Houston, TX will last about four to six months. You can defy some of the signs of aging for that length of time!

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