Laughing Gas for Dental Procedures: How Does it Help

Laughing gas is the most common inhalation anesthetic in dentistry to manage anxiety and pain. The use of laughing gas dates back to Horace Wells in 1844. For decades, it has been used regularly by dental experts as a mild analgesic and effective anxiolytic.

It is used for fearful patients, mainly pediatric populations, to help them quickly relax. Laughing gas is a safe sedative agent blended with oxygen and inhaled via a small mask that fits over your nose. The usefulness of laughing gas stems from how fast it works.

Laughing gas reaches the bloodstream and brain speedily. Moreover, its effects are also reversible. That is why laughing gas is considered to be a safe sedation method. At Pinnacle Dental, we want patients to feel relaxed at every visit.

Effects of Laughing Gas

Effects of laughing gas include:

  • Warmness throughout the body
  • Euphoria
  • Tingling sensation in legs and arms
  • Relaxation and sleepiness
  • Lightheadedness

If you experience nausea or dizziness while have laughing gas treatment, always tell your dental expert or just get rid of your mask. This is a sign that the laughing gas concentration is too high for you. Perform a Google search for laughing gas near you to get the best laughing gas treatment near your location.


Advantages of laughing gas use in the dental office include:

1. Induces a State of Relaxation

Laughing gas reaches the bloodstream fast and activate painkilling and sedative properties. It lets patients feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment no matter the severity of the dental phobia.

2. Ideal for Everyone

Nearly anyone can benefit from laughing gas sedation dentistry. This includes individuals with pre-existing health conditions like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, etc.

3. Quickly Administered

Laughing gas is administered fast via a breathing mask. This means it does not need IVs or shots for administration. Breathing normally allows you to absorb the anesthetic via the lungs and feel the sedative effects.

4. Reduces the Needle Use

In comparison to a few sedation methods, laughing gas treatment does not require the use of needles. Instead, it triggers a reduction in the pain sensation, which is beneficial mainly in case of tooth removal or crown treatment.

5. Short Recovery Time

Laughing gas effects fade quickly, so patients can safely go home after the completion of the treatment.

6. Safe Method

Laughing gas is monitored during sedation. This makes it a safe method commonly used for kids. Laughing gas ensures no pain or irritation during the procedure. Some dental experts will add pleasant scents such as vanilla or other to the gas to boost inhalation, especially for children.

7. Works Fast

Laughing gas begins working fast and wears off instantly once you stop inhaling it. The majority of patients start feeling the effects within 20 to 30 seconds of inhalation.

What Happens When You Pick Laughing Gas in Houston, TX?

If you or your kid is phobic about visiting the dental office, laughing gas in 77057 is the ideal choice to feel more comfortable while undergoing the treatment. Laughing gas is also colorless and odorless. This allows pain-free sedation to allow your dental expert to work more effectively.

It is not intended to put you to sleep. This means you will be able to respond to the directions that your dentist gives. When your dental professional administers laughing gas, they will ask you to breathe normally using a rubber mask that fits over your nose perfectly.

After some time, you will start feeling the effects. You may feel faintness or a tingling sensation in your body. But the effects will evade on its own after several hours after the nose piece is eliminated. The dental professional will also offer you oxygen to remove the leftover laughing gas within the body.

We advise you to take light meals as well as avoid drinking and eating heavily for the first few hours after the sedation. It will help you prevent stomach issues. The dentist adjusts the gas levels depending on the type and length of surgery.

Laughing gas is a fast-acting sedative used by the dentist to help make you more comfortable during certain dental treatments. It’s worth contacting your dentist about whether it would be an appropriate option for you. No matter the dental procedure you pick at Pinnacle Dental, oursavvy dentists keep our patients’ best interests and safety in mind. Book an appointment today!