Home Whitening v/s In-Office Whitening

Everybody wants a whiter and brighter smile and is often confused about whether to try home whitening or in-office whitening products.

Active ingredients in whitening products

All whitening agents use peroxide solution which varies according to its content. Whitening products from stores such as whitening strips are the mild whiteners with a low concentration of peroxide. Dentist whitening agents include zoom whitening and take-home whitening trays which are much stronger.

Whiteners can make teeth white

Whether you use at-home whitening kits or go for an in-office whitening procedure, the whitening agent can make your teeth as white as your natural tooth color. This is determined by the thickness of the enamel and the yellow dentine underneath it.

Whitening products can improve the whole smile

Home whitening strips are like small Band-Aids which are applied to your teeth. They only whiten the front teeth due to their size and design. At-home whitening trays are like mouth guards which are made from flexible material. They are filled with a gel solution and you can wear them for an hour for up to 7-10 days.

Zoom whitening is also a great whitening solution. A dentist applies a hydrogen peroxide gel directly and shines a light on the teeth. The light and gel work together for teeth whitening.

Do whitening products cause side effects?

All whitening products can make teeth more sensitive during the treatment. Store-bought whitening products are milder than in-office whiteners.

The dentists can control the amount of peroxide in the gel solutions. This allows them to tailor whitening solution as per the sensitivity levels. Zoom whitening uses a strong gel solution due to which it gives results in a shorter time period.

Other whitening dental products

Whitening toothpaste, mouth rinses, and flosses have minimal effect, even with sustainable use. Whitening toothpaste is much stronger than regular toothpaste and can damage enamel and cause staining. Many dentists warn against using these whitening dental products.

Store-bought whitening products are mild and suitable for sensitive teeth. To whiten your teeth fast, visit professional teeth whitening for a stronger in-office or home whitening treatment.