Hide Imperfections in Your Teeth with Dental Veneers

Dentists are now providing dental veneers to patients to restore imperfections in their teeth transforming their smile into an attractive one. Many patients are visiting the dentist because they have chipped or broken a tooth. Some are simply looking to create a Hollywood smile for themselves while others have valid reasons to correct the imperfections in their teeth.

Dental veneers can be placed on every patient as long as the structure of the tooth and roots are in place and they are not suffering from problems with cavities or gum disease. If any of these conditions are present they need to be treated first.

When Do Dental Veneers Become Useful?

Dental veneers are useful for restoring teeth if they have cracked, chipped, or broken because they can restore the full functionality of the tooth. If patients have the tooth structure intact they can confidently approach the dentist for restoring the appearance of the tooth without taking away from them the ability to speak or eat with comfort.

The availability of dental veneers has allowed dentists to accomplish many things. They can place the veneers on top of the teeth, close gaps, cover dark stains, and even make the teeth appear longer to create a uniform looking smile. Dentists can now provide patients with a smile that is equivalent to many Hollywood stars. Patients can have them without even being famous.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Veneers?

Dentists will take an impression of the patient’s teeth when they are visited after conducting an oral examination looking for signs of cavities or gingivitis. The impression of the teeth will be sent to the dental laboratory for the veneers to be created. The placements will be matched to the size, shape, and color of the teeth and will require a couple of weeks for the creation.

Before placing the dental veneers the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing some enamel which is an irreversible procedure. The removal of the enamel helps the veneer lay flat in line with the gum tissue of the patient. After the preparation, the dentist will secure a temporary veneer by placing it with temporary glue. Patients are advised not to be harsh with temporary placements they can easily be pushed out of place.

When the permanent veneers are ready for placement the patient will be required to visit the dentist’s office to allow the professional to remove the temporary veneers and ensure that the permanent veneer has a perfect fit. It is generally attached by using a water-based solution to understand how it looks. Any adjustments that need to be done will be carried out by the dentist. If not the tooth will be cleaned and the dental veneer cemented to the tooth. Patients will begin to enjoy the results because they are instant and allow them to begin smiling immediately.

After the placement of the dental veneers, many patients begin inquiring for dermal fillers to get a complete smile makeover because they are impressed with the investment they made in dental veneers. Thankfully Dental Veneers in Houston can provide patients with a complete smile makeover giving patients the benefit of receiving the treatments they want from a single clinic.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can change the appearance of the patient’s teeth letting them enjoy a new smile. This is an excellent solution as the placements can transform the smile of the patient into one that looks tooth beautiful and perfect. The veneers are cemented to the natural teeth of the patient without the need for surgery and any downtime. As the placements are created to match the other teeth they appear natural, no one will be able to distinguish the difference.

Even better is the fact that veneers are made from stain-resistant material give the patient the benefit of enjoying whiter and brighter teeth longer even if the patient continues to enjoy a coffee or red wine. Dental veneers coupled with dermal fillers can make the patient look different without having him or her to undergo an intensive procedure to restore the imperfections in their front teeth to make their smile appear better before others. It is the reason why many patients are choosing dental veneers knowing full well it is the perfect option for them to improve their looks that had been hampered by the imperfections in their teeth.