Universally, there are many reasons for complete teeth loss; Old age, poor dental hygiene,
accidents, and other factors. Whichever one it is, losing all your teeth can be disheartening. It can lead to low self-esteem and affect speech. While complete loss of teeth is permanent, there are ways of replacing it, and one of those ways is Dentures usage.

Dentures are artificial teeth sets that are worn in place of natural teeth. They come in different sizes, with some replacing partial teeth loss and some replacing the entire teeth. Many factors can cause teeth loss, such as Facial accidents, tooth decay, and gum disease. When there are many missing teeth, the facial muscle sags, giving a poor and unhealthy appearance. Dentures help fix and make speaking, chewing, and eating easy.


Partial fixed dentures: This is suitable for patients who have some missing teeth and prefer to have a fixed replacement.

Partial removable dentures:

This is suitable for patients who have some missing teeth and prefer to have removable dentures.

Complete dentures: complete dentures are for patients whose natural teeth are all missing
Immediate Dentures: These are temporary replacements for patients who request immediate replacements the same day after losing their teeth. These are temporary and will have to be changed for permanent ones.

Implant Retained dentures: These dentures are connected with two or more dental implants to equally function like the natural teeth and give 100 percent chewing action.


Patients with notable teeth loss are usually deemed eligible for Dentures. The cause of the loss could be Aging, Poor oral care, extracted teeth, jaw or facial accident, Severe teeth decay, Periodontal disease, and any other factor responsible for high tooth loss. Dentures are solely dependent on the condition of the patient’s teeth. A patient must have significant jawbone formation and healthy gum tissue that can sustain the dentures. Men above 65 may need dentures, while women above the age of 40 can also suffer from tooth loss.

To get dentures, you will have to visit your dentist, and If you are deemed fit, an impression of your mouth will be taken to create a customized tray.

How to Clean Dentures

After getting Dentures and using them, knowing how to care for them is extremely important. One of the most effective cleaning methods is to soak them in denture cleansing water throughout the night. This help kills off bacterial and makes them fresh for the next day. You can Vinegar diluted in water can also be used to prevent or remove calculus from the dentures if soaked in overnight.

You can also clean dentures by using a soft teeth brush at night through running water, preferably from an indoor sink where you can put a towel to protect the denture from falling and breaking. You can do this in the morning as well, as this helps improve their appearance and kill off germs.

After eating, you can clean dentures with warm water to rinse off food debris to avoid breeding bacterial that could pose a new risk to your dental and oral health.

Deciding to use dentures is a personal decision that requires a lot of understanding and conviction, as the inappropriate use of this device can lead to further damage of your teeth or gum. Before getting dentures, you should first visit your dentist and let him decide, so he gives you appropriate advice. If you do not have a personal dentist and want to get a denture tray, you can access a dental close to your area by searching Dentist Near me for local listings. If you, however, prefer an appointment with a reputable dental organization, then you can visit us at dentures in Houston, TX, or dentures 77057 at 800 Bering Dr. Suite 204, Houston, Texas, 77057. You can also book an appointment by reaching us on the phone at +1713497-1355