9 Reasons to Get Invisalign That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

If you watch the commercials and ads in the magazines, they will make you think that Invisalign is all about vanity. To some, it may be, but the beauty of Invisalign is that it is so powerful and such a sturdy product that by choosing to use it you can eat candy and chew gum any time you want. You will not need to be concerned about having silver brace face for your senior pictures either.

Invisalign is as its name states, almost invisible, and without thinking about the convenience it gives you; there are about nine more reasons to use this product starting with the one least in importance.

  • Invisalign can act as protective gear for you to use for the rest of your life! This aligner can keep you from grinding your teeth at night and protect your teeth during lifting weights or mountain biking. It even works to use as a whitener.
  • If your teeth are correctly aligned, it will be easier for you to clean and floss them. When you go in for your six-month check-ups; it will be a breeze for the hygienist to clean your teeth.

    People may not realize those crooked and jammed up teeth are tough to clean. When your teeth are crowded and twisted, it makes the instrument that the hygienist usually uses is ineffective, and lets the bacteria on your teeth escape being removed while she is trying to clean.

  • You will notice that you have better articulation and speech because the way you pronounce your words is determined by how your teeth are positioned. There are people in comedy, voice over, movies, and the music industry, that have used Invisalign to fine-tune their speaking voice.

    Let’s say for example that your two front upper teeth might be too long, or maybe you have what they call an open bite, it could cause you to have a lisp or trouble saying certain words, perhaps even whistle a wee bit when you speak.

  • If your teeth are misaligned, you could suffer from food getting impacted, and it could cause you great difficulty in flossing and brushing. If teeth don’t fit against each other snugly enough, then at almost every meal, you will get a piece of vegetable or stringy meat caught in between those two teeth, and it will probably stay there till you floss it out.

    It is called food impaction, and if the food stays there, it can cause some real harm to your teeth and gums. Bacteria will eat on the food particles and cause your gums to recede; then a throbbing, dull pain will develop in your mouth where the food was stuck.

  • Facial, jaw, and neck pain can be corrected with Invisalign. If you, the patient suffers from your facial muscles being sore and from grinding your teeth at night you can only benefit from wearing the Invisalign at night for several months. If you have no pathology of that jaw joint, wearing an Invisalign aligner will assist in deprogramming your muscles that are involved in teeth grinding and relieve your TMD symptoms.
  • The positioning of your teeth in the proper manner will lead to a better bone design and positioning of the gums, that promotes a self-preserving mode for the health of your mouth.

    It is not only the part that shows above your gum line. When your teeth are crooked, that bone underneath holding the tooth up is crooked too, and it can lead to complications.

  • If your teeth are not in the right place, then you can’t properly chew your food and break it down into the particles it needs to be in as the first stage of digestion. It will cause consequences for the whole process of absorbing the nutrients throughout your body. You will get fewer nutrients from the food you take in without the proper bite.
  • The way your lower jaw is in relation to your upper jaw makes an enormous difference in how your mouth closes. If your mouth doesn’t always close the right way, one day, you won’t be able to close it.

    So, in your mouth, you have TMD or TMJ, popping and clicking, pain in the joints, painful and inefficient chewing, inability to chew, and misaligned jaws. If your teeth are lined up correctly, it will let your mouth open and close freely.

  • There you have it, nine good reasons to use Invisalign for your teeth and all of them will make you delighted with your choice. Join us at Cedar Walk Dentistry to let us show you the great Invisalign that you will love to help you have a good bite.